2019: A Year of Goals


I am horrible at blogging. Many apologies. (I’m horrible at Facebook too. Argh!)

I am actively working on the revisions of my next novel, which is the first in a two-part series (can you call it a series if it’s only two books?). Working title: THE BONE DANCER. This novel moves more into the realm of urban fantasy (not so much fairies and stuff, but magical beings) or perhaps it would be better classified as modern fantasy. I don’t know… I suck at marketing as well, but I’ll figure it out before it goes online. I’m hoping people enjoy it. Will post a synopsis when I get closer to the finished product.

The first draft was pretty darn rough, so the editing process has been a little slower going this time around. I’m feeling confident that I can have it completed and ready for publishing by December, which would mean that I would successfully meet the goal that I set out for myself.

So if you’re out there wondering, please keep your fingers crossed for me! And if you’re interested in being a beta reader, I might be looking for one (or two).

In other news, I’ve been trying my hat at different forms of art–mostly watercolor painting. But I promise to stay focused on my one true love, writing, for the remainder of the year.

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