My Year Toward “Traditional” Publication & Better Indie Marketing

I almost forgot that I made a resolution to write one blog post a week (on Fridays). It is Friday, so here I am.

Sorry if this comes off as a ramble—I guess part of the blog challenge for this year will be to actually have some sort of plan for what I want to say. I suppose we can start off with my plans to pursue traditional publication with my NaNoWriMo novel, GIRL X, as well as my attempts to “market” my Indie publishing side. Maybe I’ll throw in a few snippets of the paranormal YA novel, which has the working title of REAPER HIGH (trust me, this will change as the scope of the novel has changed since I started it in October, but I thought I’d share that working title ’cause it makes me roll my eyes each time I open the file! Ha!). Maybe I’ll find writing prompts to share and will free write. Possibilities are endless, it seems.

Ya’ll… I am so bad at self promotion. I’ve had my work published online since 2012 and I’m only NOW taking advantage of Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing, which has forced me to take my books off other platforms for 90 days–sorry) and have decided to spend $100 dollars on a “per click” ad campaign through Kindle. So far… my ad for KILLING MEMORIES has run 5610 times, and 42 people have clicked on it (thanks people!!), and 1 person has bought it (yay! Thanks if that was you.) Hopefully more have downloaded it through Amazon Unlimited (they’re FREE if you’re a subscriber) and my “page read” numbers will continue to stay up. So far, I’ve spent $6.30 in advertising for 2017 and probably will get about .37 cents on that one purchase. I don’t know if this is worth it at all, but at lease I’m doing more than just sitting there wondering why my sales dropped so much in 2016. My goal for this year is to amp this up a little more. I need to look for some blog attention. I need to get myself back on the map. Time to DO something.

Another resolution was to write one page a day. Well, we’re 5 days into the new year and I’ve written 50 pages. So… I guess that goal is working out well.

The road to traditional publishing is on hold this month (and probably next) as my NaNo novel is out with a few readers for feedback. But once I have it back and have a good final draft, I plan work on my query letter and synopsis. A writer buddy of mine recently told me that most authors have to query 100 agents before they find one who is interested. I’m trying to not let this deter my goals, but……. :c|. It’s so much easier to not deal with the hassle and just self publish, but… I’ve always wanted to be in mainstream bookstores. I won’t know if I can until I really, really try.


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