Revising, Revising, Revising

I am amazed at the amount of errors I’m still finding in this “final” draft of AROUND THE WORLD TONIGHT. This just goes to show that nothing will probably ever be 100% perfect in my eyes. Most of what I’m finding aren’t the typos and odd formatting issues I was expecting, but little tweaks to words and removal of whole sentences. I find myself to be a stickler for deleting any duplicate word that appears in two back-to-back sentences. I still love editing though. It’s probably one of my favorite parts of the process. But there comes a point when I have to stop editing and start writing something new. I think I’ve decided to pick up THE JADE BRACELET, an unfinished project from several years ago as my next novel. I have about 100 pages written and will need to be rewritten before I can finish. However, my mind has been going in an entirely new direction lately. Something more along the lines of YA supernatural/fantasy. Then I also had the idea of a romantic suspense…. my mind is all over the place creatively. I suppose I just need to get writing, period.

Updated AROUND THE WORLD TONIGHT cover now on the books page! See… editing never ends!

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