Starting New Projects

After finiswriters_block_boxer_shortshing a novel and publishing it, I always fall into a strange creative space where I feel a little lost and helpless. It’s an “I know I should start the next project, but what is that next project” hole. It’s definitely writer’s block and I feel like I’m not going to break through it! I thought I finally found a new project to work on, but I’m not really sure. I wrote 40 pages a few weeks ago and scrapped them to start over. Now I’m 17 pages in and I just don’t know. I miss the times when the stories just flew out of me (like with the KM series). I’m no where close to writing a new KM book (sorry to disappoint!); I’m not even excited about editing the current series to prepare the rest of the books for print on demand (not that there’s much of a demand presently). Ugh! I’m just not excited right now… I may need a “writer” vacation and go away somewhere for the weekend all by myself.

I may actually need to do that period. There are a lot of areas of my life that I need to regroup on–maybe if I get those other areas right the words will come.

KM Series Gets New Covers

So, I’ve been toiling for months working on redesigning the five covers of my KILLING MEMORIES series. Why? Moving to print on demand, I felt that they needed an overhaul. In truth, they probably need an upgrade even if I decide not to follow through with the on demand thing. I spend a lot of time in book stores and I’ve decided, perhaps belatedly, that if you were to put the e-book cover next to any print cover on the market, I don’t think mine would be taken seriously. Maybe this revamp will help bring in new readers, who knows. Maybe it won’t do anything. Maybe it will actually hurt my sales (not that it can really do any true harm at this point). Anyway… here are the redesigns.


Overall, I’m pretty happy with them, but it’s been an exhausting process to say the least.

First Draft Complete!

I finished editing the first draft of AROUND THE WORLD TONIGHT (ATWT) this week. It’s loooong (over 400 pages; 165,000+ words). I’m not sure that I’ll ever be able to write a standard novel of 90-95,000 words. I think I may be long winded. I still have my NOOK edit. Hopefully I can trim out a lot of useless words at that time. I’m not sure if writing long novels is a bad thing or a good thing. When it comes to printing, which I have been considering, it may be a bad thing (manufacturing costs vs. profits, etc.). I need to do more research. At any rate, this is one of the “cleanest” first drafts that I’ve ever written. I’m not sure what the difference is in comparison to the KILLING MEMORIES books. Maybe a few things: 1) I’m older now, 2) I went to school to study fiction and maybe now know more about crafting, 3) I used an outline [although I did use an outline for everything after KM1], and 4) I think I edited the first half before writing the second half.

It felt really good to realize that this one may not be “too bad.” That maybe, in my writing career, I’ve hit a period where I can do 1-2 drafts and then call it a day. Instead of the 9 re-writes that I’ve done on my very first novel, which turned from an adult supernatural tale to a young adult supernatural tale. #feelinggood

ATWT_3So, here’s the preliminary cover for ATWT created using a ShutterStock image that I haven’t purchased yet and MS PowerPoint (eek!). Besides the rudimentary software, it doesn’t look too bad. Right? Next up I need to write the summary blurb, which is always pretty difficult. Now that the novel is with a few early readers, maybe I’ll focus on that next while the book is still fresh in my mind. It’s surprising how quickly I forget details of my novels once they’re done. I’ll probably need to re-read the entire KM series if I decide to write a sixth book. I need to re-read anyway because if I do go to print on demand (POD) I need to make sure that there are no lingering errors.

I’m thinking that my next project will be something in the young adult genre. Maybe I’ll return to my angel/demon trilogy (ie, my first novel ever). Maybe I’ll write something different. Or… maybe I’ll finish THE JADE BRACELET. Remember that one? Whatever I choose, I need to start writing again!